Sprint 1, 2019 – Day (-3)

Hello everyone. If you’re here, it’s because you’re interested in getting something done. Maybe you want to lose 10 pounds, or maybe you want to read a book that you’ve not been motivated to finish, but whatever your goal is, physical, mental, financial, this is where you will be able to set up accountability for yourself. Daily check-ins. Follow-ups.

The objective of MyXLV is to help you become disciplined to get you going on your way to your goal by helping you hold yourself accountable for your goals, plans, and plan execution to move toward those goals. Motivation can only get you so far. You wake up on a random Tuesday and it’s cold, rainy, ugly outside. You aren’t motivated to get up. It’s warm. Your dog is laying on you. Not today, you say to yourself.

That’s not going to fly here. At MyXLV, your goal is the most important thing. Here, you’re going to work on the discipline to execute and get to your goal. The discipline to get up anyway. The discipline to do something to help you move your goal every day. During your sprint, there will be no zero days. Every day you should do something, even if that something is rest, it should be part of your goal. When Monday rolls around, you get right back up and do the thing, because you want to reach your goal. Then you’re going to come here and shout your progress at the top of your lungs because You did the thing in the face of everything trying to keep you back.

Here at MyXLV, we define what our long term goal is going to be. That’s your end target. This is the lofty goal. Your 2-years-from-now goal. Do you want a new job? Do you want to lose 40 pounds? Do you want to get into college? These are all goals that take time, and so you will want to really figure out what that is. Set it in stone. That’s your end mark. Your finish line.

Big goals take a lot of time to get to, so what we do here is to break down the big goals into smaller goals, called sprint goals. A sprint is 45 days, or just about 6 weeks. If you want to lose 40 pounds, maybe you set your sprint goal at 10 pounds. 1.5 pounds a week or so. A bit more manageable. Keep it reasonable. I won’t lose 50 pounds in a month, so to set that as a sprint goal is setting myself up for a bad time. Be reasonable with yourself. If you’re not a reader, a book in 6 weeks may be a good sprint for you. Be reasonable with your sprint goal.

There will be a daily post that goes up with the sprint number and day number. We’re going to encourage posting every day, because daily progress often goes unnoticed. Celebrate you daily win. We want to see it!

At the end of the sprint, there will be a week or so wrap-up where you can do a bit of reflecting on the past sprint. Post your current status. Set up your next sprint goal. Take a breather, because for 45 days you just went hard. Take a breath, recharge, because the next sprint is coming. You are a machine now and your goal is yours to hit.

Here’s how it’s going to work:
1. Set up an account. It’s free. I’m not making any money off of this thing. I don’t want to. This is for me just as much as you. I have goals I want to reach, so I’ll be posting right along with everyone. If hosting costs go crazy, I may put a small google Adsense on here. No popup bullshit. Feel free to block it, I ain’t judging.

2. In every single post of yours, you should do the the following things:

  1. Write down what your long term goal is. If you want to lose 50 pounds, set that as your long term goal. Always keep this in mind. It should be in every post so that you always see what you’re working toward. It may take multiple sprints to get there, but never lose sight of that end goal. It’s incredibly important.
    • Format: My long term goal is: _________
  2. Write down your sprint goal. If you want to ultimately lose 50 pounds this year, we’re going to break that down into easier to attain, sub-goals. This sprint, you may want to lose just 10 pounds, and that’s ok. Keep the short term goal in mind as well.
    • Format: My sprint goal is: __________
  3. Write down what your daily plan is to accomplish your sprint goal. If you want to read 10 books by the end of the year, maybe it makes sense to set aside 30 minutes a day to read at 7am. If you want to lose 10 pounds, define your diet and exercise plan. A failure to plan is a plan to fail, so this is important. Make it something that you can do. Don’t go from no exercise to 7 days a week, you’re just asking to fail. Be reasonable with yourself. Find some internet resources that will help. You don’t really need to post this every day, but definitely keep it in mind as you go through the sprint.
    • Format: My daily plan to accomplish my sprint goal is: ________
  4. Daily update. This is where you will give any updates, status updates, where you are at. What have you accomplished? Tell it. You are taking steps toward your goal, BE PROUD OF THEM! Baby steps are still steps. Did you drop 3 pounds? Shout it! Did you do more reading? Let it out! Celebrate your progress however minor. “I didn’t eat that damn Twinkie” is just as important as “I read the whole book in one night.” I used to post daily pictures of my workouts. I’ll likely do that again. It’s evidence for myself that I’m doing what I need to. Feel free to talk about yesterday as well if you usually report the next day. That’s ok, too.
    • Format: Yesterday or Today I accomplished: _________

That’s it. This is only for you. Celebrate your wins. Move the ball. Become disciplined because you are moving closer to your goal every day. I’m just one person right now so I will do my best in approving posts so bear with me. Glad to have you on the first sprint of 2019.

1 thought on “Sprint 1, 2019 – Day (-3)”

  1. So I’ll go first.

    My long term goal is: To lose weight down to 280 pounds, and then put 20 pounds of muscle back on.

    My sprint goal is: To lose 23 pounds, 8 of which are water weight. 15 pounds actual fat loss.

    My sprint plan is: I’ll be doing the ketogenic diet that I have been on for a while, but reducing my caloric intake to below 2000. I will be exercising 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The C25k is something I’ve used in the past, but would love to work on that to build cardio. I will be adding kettle bell workouts as I gain some endurance back.

    Today I: Set up my sprint plan, set up this website, and am super ready to get on with this first sprint.

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